Eco Friendly Home Cleaning Bayside

Elite Home Cleaning provides Melbourne with a house cleaning service that stands head and shoulders above the rest.
At Elite Home Cleaning we use the Enjo cleaning system to achieve a superior clean without the need for harsh chemicals. We provide all Enjo products required for Eco Friendly Home Cleaning in Bayside . Our business has gone from strength to strength due to our strict quality control, and personal professional service. All of our cleaners are experienced, professionally trained, police checked, english speaking and must prove to us that they can maintain our extremely high quality of service before they become part of our team.

Are you tired of cleaning services that start out doing the right thing, but then do less and less as the weeks go by? Elite Home Cleaning solves this problem with our eco friendly home cleaning Bayside service. Our staff are actively managed and a supervisor attends your first clean to ensure your home is given the clean it deserves. We carry out spot checks to ensure our clients are getting the best clean possible. We invite ongoing feedback from you, and we have built great relationships with our existing clientele. Our house cleaning service friendly staff are trained not only to carry out out a high quality clean, but also in how to achieve a brilliant smear free finish to all surfaces. We equip them to do this by supplying hi-tech polishing cloths.

We believe that happy staff do a great job. We expect a high standard from our staff, but also value them and reward them fairly for their efforts.
Eco Friendly Home Cleaning Bayside

Eco Friendly Home Cleaning Bayside